Janome SCARA JS650TH w/ JSC650RETH


Up for sale is an excellent condition Janome JS650TH SCARA Robot. This system comes from a clean room medical device manufacture and is no longer needed, being sold as surplus. It has been tested in our facility and found to be in excellent working order, ready to be put in service. This robot features extreme speed, precision and a large work envelope. Programming is easy for first time users and accomplished through the use of the teach pendant, or with a PC.

MFG Date:
Serial No.

Horizontal Reach:

180-250VAC 1ph 60hz
20 (44lbs) Max 5kg (11lbs) Stand
XY±.02mm Z±.01mm R±.01°
650mm (25.59in)


Robot Motion Speed

  • 1-2 Axis 6700 mm/s
  • 3-Axis 2000 mm/s
  • 4-Axis 1800 °/s

Robot Motion Range:

  • 1-Axis ±130°
  • 2-Axis ±150°
  • 3-Axis 200mm
  • 4-Axis ±360°


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